OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2013-08-22, 23:20)MilhouseVH Wrote:
(2013-08-22, 22:21)Trickname Wrote: can someone confirm that movie start to play is slow ?

How slow is "slow"? Seems fast with NFS - depends on SD/HD/bit-rate etc., but usually 2 seconds or less.

I'm using NFS and it's extremely slow on some SD movies (8 Mile 28-35s, 23:06:36-23:07:11, Babylon 12s, 23:08:30-23:08:42) whilst others do only take about 2s. 8 Mile has a .sub and .idx file so perhaps that causes the problem but Babylon doesn't have any subtitle files.

I had this problem before updating to the latest build but it's definitely worse and was maybe 18s before for 8 Mile.

I have added some settings to advancedsettings.xml though but only ones that I saw I didn't have from rbej's xml. These all seem to be set in the system xml anyway though, so it seems unlikely they could be responsible.



<clienttimeout>10</clienttimeout> (I previously set <curlclienttimeout>10</curlclienttimeout> as I found 30 was making me wait too long for streaming video to give up. I'm not using SMB anyway)

I still have the same problems with DVD rip (VOB) playback, where after doing a SkipForward or Next Chapter, it plays a couple of secs, then freezes, then resumes playback. The freeze time has got a lot longer with the latest build though. It's quite hard to get DVD rips to play at all and takes me several tries with it dumping me back to the library and when it does start, I have to press keys randomly to get the movie to actually start, otherwise I'm just looking at a blank screen.

I have an issue with the volumes as well (using analog). With <ac3downmixgain>18.0</ac3downmixgain>, TV and Movies are OK at around -15 to 0 (depends on the programme/channel) but music needs to be turned down to -30, so there needs to be a setting to attenuate music playback by maybe 15db. Music has another problem in that when fast forwarding or rewinding, when playback resumes it's at full volume and it only returns to where it should be once Vol+/- is pressed once, which could be quite dangerous to speakers (and ears).

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