OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
Browsing a NFS share using Videos - Files, it only shows me two .flv and one .mp4 file, when there's another 13 files in that folder, mostly .mp4 but a couple .flv.

I note there's a file asound.conf in system. Does this control the mixdown for analog or only HDMI and can a copy be used in userdata to override it or must the system copy be edited? I tend to find the dialog is a bit quiet (although it does seem to have improved lately) so I'd prefer to boost the centre channel more and reduce the other channels if necessary.

Logging still appears to have the same bug I experienced before, as it hasn't updated since 23:09 which was when I last opened it to post it in my previous post.

EDIT: Hmm, seems it has an issue with files names like "The Americans Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot.mp4". If I rename it to 1.mp4 it shows up.

I had

<regexp>[!-._ \\/](?-i)(flash|USB_16GB|SD2)[-._ \\/]</regexp>

so I tried changing that to


but it didn't help. I don't really understand what the bits I removed are supposed to do though, and why most of the characters in [] are at both the start and end of the line.

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