OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2013-08-25, 20:24)Martijn Wrote: no i was not joking. and i hope you were joking about the "buggy software".
as stupid-boy said there's an effect on the button by design hence the reason it's dirty.

Nope, not joking here either - I am simply taking your argument to a logical extreme (while also not stating that XBMC is buggy software).

(2013-08-25, 20:24)Martijn Wrote: i see no issue because you only go into setting when you need to change something and then you leave again.
if this was happening somewhere in library or homescreen i agree but for settings this should not be an issue.
be grateful that stupid-boy found the other DR problems.

Although I agree it's not an often accessed part of the system, I really don't see the point in not trying to fix (or improve) something simply because it's not used often. You could say that about a ton of different scenarios and use cases - no need to fix/improve what isn't used often. Take that approach and quality ultimately suffers.

And yes, very grateful to stupid-boy for helping fix the DR problems and getting the Pi closer to maximum performance (and everything else running even smoother!)
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