OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
Updated Gotham Branch

- updated OpenElec build

- updated Xbmc Gotham

- updated firmware and kernel (3.10.10)

- updated PVR addons

[mythtv-cmyth] Release v1.8.12


Added 'Delete and re-record' menuhook
Added support for MythTV protocol 76 and 77 (MythTV 0.27)
Allow the backend to shutdown (by using monitor and playback connections)
Reduced startup time (Faster loading of channels)
Fixed start time for instant recordings
Fixed several smaller memory and multithreading issues
Refactored & cleaned up libcmyth (epginfo)

[iptvsimple] Release v1.8.1


Fixed issue with BOM header in EPG XML
Fixed issue with update channels if they are changed in m3u
Added setting starting number of channels

Some changes under the hood (cosmetics and improved finding data).

- omxplayer patches

[rbp/omxplayer] Support both analogue and hdmi audio
[rbp/omxplayer] Cosmetics
[rbp/omxplayer] Increase input audio buffer size to make better use of output buffer
[rbp/omxplayer] Increase audio buffer between arm and gpu
[rbp/omxplayer] Need to populate channel layout for passthrough
[rbp/omxplayer] Avoid audio codec when in passthrough modes
[rbp/omxplayer] Enable zoom and pixel ratio in video OSD
[rbp/omxplayer] Add Dynamic Range Compresssion scheme
[rbp/omxplayer] Handle the case where EOS message fails.

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