OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
Hey I have BIG problems wirh all Openelec versions I have tried including a lot of RBEJ´s builds but also the official buils on a RPI B model.

100Mbit ethernet

Streaming videos no problems
Play videos from external HDD no problems

Live TV with Mediaportal as backend with IPTV channels and then start playback causes the RPI to reboot 99% of the time.
Sometimes after rebooting it can start the same channels as the one just causing the reboot. It just says "Working" and then with a second or 2 it restarts XBMC.
Other times it says working for a sec. or two and then nothing happens and the system is not frozen and I can just try again sometimes with same result other times it restarts XBMC.

When Live TV is working there are no problems changing channels.

Could anyone look at my logs and someone maybe fix this problem? Would be so awesome to use them at my childrens rooms for tv playback.


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