OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2013-09-04, 14:02)hpbaxxter Wrote: @doveman2: you should really consider to apply ReplayGain to your music files, for example with foobar2000. If you use for your entire library “scan selection as albums (by tags)”, you keep the dynamics intended by the artists and most tracks will be about 10 db quieter. I’m not shure if ReplayGain is supported now on rpi (; for mp3, however, you can apply it to track data: it changes the files, but is lossless!

Edit: as you can’t revert the latter, you should try this first with copies of your files.

Thanks for the suggestion hpbaxxter. I've heard of ReplayGain but having just spent weeks tagging all my music files, I don't think I've got the will to do anything more to them.

They sound fine on my PC in various programs anyway, so I think it would be better to allow users to set global volumes for the different media in XBMC, rather than expecting them to process all their music to compensate. I'm not sure it would really help anyway, considering that I had to turn it down to about -30db when playing music.

Having tried Frodo and gone back to Gotham, I've found that one thing is messed up. The Settings - Appearance - International page is completely blank now and my clocks gone back to being an hour slow again.

Previously I fixed the clock by putting the locale/timezone settings in both guisettings and advancedsettings and powering down. I've just checked and both are intact so I'm not sure what the problem is now.

I'm also having a strange problem with XBMC not liking certain filenames and thus showing folders as empty. For example it doesn't list:

Under the Dome Season 1 Episode 10 Let the Games Begin.flv


Under the Dome 1x11 - Speak of the Devil.flv

but if I just rename it to 1.flv it shows up. I had this problem with another series a few days ago and renamed the files with Filebot and then they showed up, even though the filenames afterwards were much like the second example above, so I don't understand what the issue is.

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