OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
I'm still having problems with my tuner/tvheadend.

It was working fine when I used it last night, from a cold boot and had done so for several days before, with me plugging in the hub and usb tuner first, then the RPi.

This morning, I got the error again when trying to start TV, so I unplugged everything, took the USB tuner out of the hub in case it needed to discharge and plugged it back in, re-powered the hub then the RPi and still had the same problem

So I shutdown again, moved the USB tuner to a different port on the hub, which has helped before for some reason, re-powered and this time I didn't get the error but TV didn't start either and when I selected the same channel and tried to start it again, XBMC locked up completely.

EDIT: After a further reboot via SSH it's working again now.

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