OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2013-09-30, 23:30)allan87 Wrote: Popcornmix, could you please explain what you mean here?
(2013-09-28, 16:45)popcornmix Wrote: Note currently the switch between 720p limit and no limit doesn't fix up guisettings.xml. EIther delete it and reboot, or edit the overscan settings in the resolutions group.
(using the calibration option may well work).

In guisettings.xml there are entries like:
            <description>1920x1080 @ 60.00i - Full Screen</description>

which describe the physical display size (1920x1080) and also the GUI display size (1280x720).
Unfortunately the GUI size is used for calibration settings (it should really be the physical display size).

If you start with the gui resolution limit at 720p, and then remove it, currently the right and bottom calibration settings will remain at
1280x720, but the GUI resolution is now 1920x1080, so your GUI will only occupy the top/left part of display.

You can edit these (I believe) in xbmc using the calibration menu (you may need to do this for each resolution).
Or you can open guisettings.xml and edit the all the 1280/720 to 1920/1080.
You should also move the subtitles setting from 694 to 1040.

I'll try to get an automatic scheme for this in the future.

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