OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2013-09-30, 16:51)popcornmix Wrote:
(2013-09-21, 21:22)javaboyuk Wrote: Alas with the
With 3.1.6 and still with 3.2 on my Raspberry PI, I find if I "jump" to the next song or skip forward in the song my raspberry will loop playing the "current" 1/4 second of music and you have to reboot the PI to stop this, unplugging and plugging th HDMI does not fix it, and nor does trying to stop, play another track etc work. However I can still reboot the PI.

(Note I am controlling the PI vi the XBMC remote controller on my iPhone over wifi.)

So looks like a firmware/driver issueHuh
Any suggestions who I can talk to about this, happy to help.

I spent some time stepping through the code and believe I have fixed the issue.
I've also tried to do sane things when switching between PCM and passthrough audio.

Can you follow the update procedure in previous post, and report if the behaviour is better.

Sorry only saw this this evening, so kept people up in the flat testing it... :-)

I can report that, the resync still happens, WITHOUT hdmi_force_open=1.

GREAT NEWS with "hdmi_force_open=1" no re-sync so get full track from begining,
AND you can seek again without the rpi hanging, the volume control also works
again (with or without force).

Additionally I have now tested play back of the gimell test files for
flac versions of:

stereo - 24 bit from 44100 to 96000

All played great (but can NOT confirm what the amp was receiving 24bit 96KHz until
I hook a screen up to it!)

Issue 1:
5.1 channel versions would not play correctly and came out as only stereo.

Issue 2:
My DTS tracks don't "play" the amps DTS symbol binks on and off and I get
"snipit" of disorted sound.

My rpi is runing production 3.2.1 openelec, with your "new" firmware from
the just preious page as you suggested. My config.txt options are:
standard gpu/overclocking for 3.2.1 plus:

The samples are here:

or these which are easier to get

Any suggestions on the above issues greatly appreciated!!

As always really happy to test etc.


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