OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
I find navigating the EPG can be slow sometimes and it often gets stuck and I have to wait maybe 20s for it to unfreeze (at which point it processes the keypresses I'd done whilst it was stuck). It can be quite slow starting a channel as well but it's bearable. Would be better if it showed that it had recognised the keypress and was starting though, as it doesn't give any indication at the moment (other than pressing keys and observing it no longer moves).

Regarding SD corruption, I was until recently using an old 2 or 4GB microSD in an SD adapter I had already and that corrupted everytime I updated. Now I've bought a Sandisk Extreme 16GB SD and it hasn't corrupted when updating since, so perhaps it's more the SD card rather than individual RPI's that is the main factor here.

I can't update the skin I use, xTV-SAF, at the moment as it says "Dependencies not met".

I edited the xbmc.gui version in the addon.xml from 4.0.0. to 5.0.0 and the required addons it lists are:

<import addon="script.xbmc.debug.log" version="11.0.6"/>
<import addon="script.favourites" version="4.0.8"/>
<import addon="script.artwork.downloader" version="12.0.11"/>
<import addon="script.globalsearch" version="1.1.0"/>
<import addon="" version="0.0.2"/>

I have:

script.xbmc.debug.log v12.0.1
script.favourites v4.0.9
script.artwork.downloader v12.0.20
script.globalsearch v1.1.1 v0.0.27

However, I notice that specifies that it requires:

xbmc.addon v12.0.0
xbmc.json v6.0.0
xbmc.python v2.1.0 (the others all require this as well)
script.module.simplejson v2.0.10

I have script.module.simplejson v3.3.0 but I don't appear to have the others, unless they are somewhere other than .xbmc\addons. I would have thought XBMC should automatically download any required dependencies though. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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