OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2013-11-28, 18:41)popcornmix Wrote:
(2013-11-28, 18:37)evanspae Wrote: As previously mentioned the time to start playing an HD Television recording is showing a tremendous improvement, but alas I am now getting a drift of lipsync of approx 500ms over a 2hr period?

Live TV or from a file?
Are there errors in the file (e.g. from a poor antenna?)
Is this a new problem? When did it last work?

As mentioned above this is playback of pre recorded .ts file on a well established system. This and other files plays fine on other xbmc clients (mainly 12.2 Frodo builds) both on PCs and stable raspberrypi openelec 3.2.3. There are not reception or file errors and it is a new problem on latest build.

Location UK; Media server Windows 7 with ArgusTV 2.3 with TBS6981 DVB-S2 x4 and DVB-T x 2:All network connections cabled on 1Gb router Raspberry Pi2 1GB x 2; RPI 3 x1; PiB+512MB x 3; TV Samsung 55" C8000; AV Denon AVR X2200W

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