OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2013-12-14, 23:42)popcornmix Wrote: How about changing optimised to fixed?
Does "keep receiver alive" help?

"Fixed" appears to have increased the duration of the silence between tracks from ~0.1 second to somewhere between 0.5 second and 1 second.

The silence is usually heard between 5 and 2 seconds before the end of each track (this is with both Optimised and Fixed).

"Keep audio device alive" didn't help with either "Fixed" or "Optimised" settings, but then I'm not connecting to a receiver (HDMI 2.0 to monitor with stereo line-out from monitor to the line-in on a PC).

Edit: Looking at the time code and comparing it with when the silence occurs, these tracks are being played back in what I would consider to be a "gapless" manner, as there is no gap *between* each track. The actual silence is occurring between 5 and 2 seconds *before* the end of each track. So the gapless side of things seems to be sorted, I guess it's this closing and opening of the sink (which may be what happens a few seconds before the end of each track) that is the remaining problem and prevents the audio from being totally seamless/continuous.
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