OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2014-01-31, 05:41)MilhouseVH Wrote:
(2014-01-31, 02:01)sunwarming Wrote: The other issue is when a menu or something in loading in openelec in the bottom right corner comes up "Processing" or "working" and a white wheel comes up next to it, but the wheel isn't moving like in xbmc 12. It is static and looks like the PI has frozen, but it hasn't in reality.

See here. There is a solution, to use an animated GIF, but the OpenELEC build system doesn't play nice with binary patches so for the time being (as this is a development build, and a working spinner isn't something I consider critical, given the alternative) I've just disabled the CPU-intensive animation in my builds.

Thank you for the answer! I'll leave it as you have configured it, it's better to have a good performance from the PI than having a wheel turning. Thanks!

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