OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2014-02-02, 18:24)doveman2 Wrote: Does this not include "3.PR:4119 included in XBMC master - this disables notifications during initial device scan, eg. CEC adaptor. Most welcome." mentioned for the previous build, as I still get a CEC message come up every time I boot? I didn't try the 0201 build, so don't know if that was any different.

It's included, but it only seems to work (ie. ignore the initial notification) when CEC is marked as disabled - I too get the notification if I enable CEC and restart XBMC. I'm not sure if that's the intent of the PR, it might be worth bringing it to their attention.

With regard to changes from one build to the next, as a rule you should assume that all each release contains all modifications that have gone before unless there is a specific mention of a commit being removed or reverted. I could keep a running list of changes but it would become quite long and tedious to read (and maintain), and that's what the links to the various repositories (and previous builds) are for. Smile
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