OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
Got the EXACT same problems since the last few builds.

- Movie playback starts, is working for some seconds and then the screen goes black, audio is still running in background.
If I hit STOP on the remote, SOMETIMES it gets back to GUI, sometimes it stays black.

What's going on? Sad

(2014-02-13, 12:51)Milky-Joe Wrote: I've only been using Gotham since the 2014-2-10 build (and I'm now running the 20140-2-13 build), but I'm having a few issues (using OMXPlayer):

- Sometimes, when playing a movie, only the sound plays (I can still navigate around my movies)
- Sometimes, when starting a video, the screen goes black and nothing happens *
- Some movies refuse to start (I haven't figured out if there's a pattern yet)
- DVDPlayer is too unstable, and keeps freezing

I am using caching (with a 64Mb buffer), and I have configured NFS with a rsize of 32k, but everything else is pretty much stock.

* Once this has happened, I've had the Pi refuse to reboot - it froze after clicking Quit > Reboot

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