OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
From what I can tell, GPIO IR support has never been an "official" feature of OpenElec and it's unlikely that a dev will spend any time figuring the issues out unless they themselves use it (and I don't believe there are any that do).

What, I think, this means is that we will have to persevere with the issues until after stable Gotham / OE has been released and then hope somebody (dev or otherwise) can figure out work arounds - unless of course other XBMC versions suffer similar problems.

In the mean time it might be better if we all report our GPIO issue on the OE forum. If there is enough noise perhaps a dev will help.

It's sure frustrating, but not a deal breaker for me so far. Just hope it does get fixed eventually.

(2014-02-17, 08:23)PeaceMkr Wrote: Its a shame that the developer see gpio-ir-user as a minority. For me its the best, cheapest and most unproblematic possibility to use a remote and i think a lot more user think the same.

Totally agree - GPIO IR is completely in the spirit of the whole RaspberryPi approach, and makes so much more sense than having to buy another solution which could cost almost as much as the RPi itself.

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