OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2014-03-06, 17:36)popcornmix Wrote: [quote='arnova' pid='1645052' dateline='1394118741']
Do you get much performance benefit from disabling destroywindowcontrols? Have you measured the memory cost?
I had the idea the GUI response was a little better, not sure though could be placebo effect ofc ;-) I didn't measure the memory cost (yet).

(2014-03-06, 17:12)arnova Wrote: Can you attach gdb and look at the backtraces after the lockup?
Will try. Does OpenElec come with gdb? Will have a look then as soon as I have the time (probably this weekend)

(2014-03-06, 17:12)arnova Wrote: Does the addon always lockup? Do you have to have played a video, or does just opening/closing it cause the problem?
Yes, it always locks up. Simply opening it, and closing it again without playing any video locks xbmc up (when eg. pressing menu or back). The addon window closes and after that the Confluence background appears as it would between closing the addon window and showing the main window, but there it gets stuck.

(2014-03-06, 17:12)arnova Wrote: Any other way of provoking the lockup (without addons)?
Not that I'm aware of. I've used it for a while and the video addon was the only thing that got stuck. It took me some time to figure out this was the cause.
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