OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
Additional Testing Notes:
Testers should try adding the following entry to their advancedsettings.xml:
and report if it is better/worse than omxplayer. You can still play files with omxplayer using the context-menu "Play using... OMXPlayer".

Hello. I've been comparing omxplayer and dvdplayer in the last few builds and it's always the same: when playing videos with dvdplayer the image freezes for a while a few seconds after starting. Then everything is ok till I skip forward/back. Then it happens again, the image freezes (the sound is ok) and in just a moment everything is ok. Omxplayer works fine with the same videos.
IMHO dvdplayer is not as smooth as omxplayer.
Just in case it can help.

(I have gpu_mem_512=192 and Medium overclocking. It happens with SD and 720p videos)

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