OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
Tried the 0 setting tonight: Watching movie was fine. But crashed again with running texturecache C. (actually: the movie was played fine until the end, putty was already crashed. After the movie XBMC had no images at all I use NFS for movies and MySQL.... So no complete network disruption this timeHuh)

I have seen the message (in the top, which normally says: CEC enabled, library update, etc): "Device succesfully disconnected flash" right in time XBMC crashes. (translated from dutch, so can be a slight different)

Tried 1 -> Texturecache finished!
Tried 0 (again)-> Crashed with texturecache. So 0 isn't working for me.
Tried 2-> Texturecache crashed at the end
Tried 4 -> Texturecache finished!
Tried 2 (again) -> Crashed again.....

So 1 and 4 seems to be running for me.

/edit: Tried again with 4 -> Crash. Retried Crashed....
Changed to 1 -> Crashed... Tried again: Crash
Running overclocked mode. Can test more tomorrow: what do you suggest: test with 'older' build or remove overclock?

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