OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2014-03-11, 23:58)RichG Wrote: I will PM you a link to one of these files.

A comment on the noises made - most often it is a noise burst similar to white noise, very short in duration (maybe 100ms). Other times there appears to be some correlation between the previous track and the nature (in pitch and timbre) of the noise burst - almost like a DJ scratching a small section. This very much reminds me of issues relating to uncleared buffers I have come across with other software in the past.

Hope this helps you. I'll will check back while away but wont have access to the RPi until next week..

EDIT - forgot to add - it is OMXplayer only - DVDplayer seems to be fine.

Thanks for info. I've played your file a dozen times and it has always started without noise.
Can you confirm this issue is new (from about 1st March / small audio packet concatenation patch)?
You are definitely using Milhouse's latest build. (which fixed for me an issue exactly like the one you describe).

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