OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2014-03-21, 18:28)doveman2 Wrote: It doesn't seem like the full range is being used for video playback though, as if it was I'd be able to see the bars below 16 when I increase the TV brightness, as I can when playing the files via my TV's USB port. What seems to be happening is that the output is being limited, so perhaps that full range setting that is available on the PC is hidden and defaulted to off on the Pi.

By default video files are limited range and shouldn't encode levels below 16.
You need a flag in the file (like video_full_range_flag for h264) to be able to encode these levels. Does your file have this set?

If you force a DMT mode (with hdmi_group=2) you will get full range by default. CEA modes will get limited range by default.
The full/limited range flag is correctly output by the Pi (in the AV infoframe), and the display should act on that (without requiring setting in menus on display or using hdmi_pixel_encoding on pi)
In our testing, many TV's only support limited range in CEA modes (which you are probably using at 1080p) and only full range in DMT modes (they are manditory, supporting full range with CEA and limited range with DMT is optional).

But I think all this talk is based on a misunderstanding. Full range does not give you more or better colours.
Assuming all parts are the system (the video file flags, the video player, the HDMI settings and the display) agree on whether they are using full or limited then the picture displayed on the display will be identical.

We have done a lot of testing of feeding encoded bars test files through the system, and using a hdmi capture card to confirm that the levels are correct in the full and limited range modes.
That is the only way to confirm that the Pi is outputting the correct signals. We did find in this testing that some TV's do clamp levels below 16, even when we are signalling full range.

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