OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
Finally, it is working the way I want it to!

Here's the story and the results of my testings:

First to mention is, that I am using openelec with a Raspberry Pi. My goal is to connect my Raspberry Pi with my HiFi-System (to hear my .mp3 via WLAN). Problem is, that it is really old and has no HDMI-port. So I have to connect my HiFi-System with the the RPi via a Cinch - Headphone-cable. The result was disappointing (many strange sounds within the music), but the "installation" worked (NAS via WLAN -> HiFi-System plays .mp3).

Because of the bad sound quality I bought a cheap USB-Sound-Card (I am not audiophil). I used openelec Frodo 12.2, which recognised the USB-Soundcard immediatly... Result: Wunderful! I could hear my music cristal clear. (And in addition video-playback (even streaming via WLAN) and all the rest (pictures, airplay, ...) worked great for me.)

But then came Frodo 12.3 via auto-update (my fault, I didn't disable it). My USB-Sound-Card was no longer recognised... grrr (Who on earth decided that? I will never ever understand, when someone disables good features ...). I found some post which said that with Gotham it should work again. And Gotham should be released in the end of 2013... so I waited for Gotham.

In March 2014 (grr - until then I could hear music only with strange noises - yes, I used the RPi - headphone-jack again) the first beta of Gotham was released. Immediatly I installed it, but -another disappointment- my USB-Sound-Card was still not recognised. (The same in Beta 2).

Then -finally- I found this post. I installed the "prealpha" and my USB-Sound-Card is recognised and working perfectly. Everything is now working the way like in Frodo 12.2.

I would like to say THANK YOU!

Now, some comments:
+ It is possible that music only uses the USB-Sound-Card (and no HDMI), while movies only uses HDMI-audio (an no USB-Sound-Card). Great feature!

- I am using an android remote-app and an ipad remote-app to control openelec. Both are working, but if music is played and I change something in the playlist, there are breaks in the playback of music (which I never encountered before). (My guess is, that it has something to do with the cover-thumbnails which are uploaded to the remote-app. After the remote-app loaded the images everthing is working well again.)

Again, THANK YOU. Great work. (And please never ever disable USB-sound-card support again!)

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