OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2014-03-27, 13:30)Stilt Wrote: First. massive thank you to MilhouseVH and all others for great work.

I did a clean install devel-20140326031537-r18011-gae1cb22.

I have a 10$ PCM2704 USB DAC, headphone connection to my amp. DAC works fine on Win8 PC.

Sample music is stored on the SD card itself-to eliminate wifi issues if any.

I've selected System>settings>systemlevel>expert>audio output>ALSA:USB Audio DAC,Analog

When I use the DAC on RP:

1) Sounds is only from one channel (Right channel)

2) RP reboots after every song.

Please use for logs and paste a link to them.

The post above this reports:
Quote:Fix for mono GUI sounds (requires new firmware)

so that is needed for point 1. For 2, can you remove the USB card and test with default analogue or HDMI? Does that still reboot?

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