OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2014-04-07, 21:57)Paul_dH Wrote: Am I doing something wrong, other than buying the stupid ISW N300 obviously Confused Or is there a way to force a specific USB device to use a driver (RTL8192CU) ?
You should discuss it with the OpenELEC developers. The RTL8192CU driver is supported, and if it's not working with this specific dongle it's either a bug/defect, or more likely a missing vendor/product id which means the driver isn't recognising the hardware. Open an issue on the OpenELEC github and provide the lsusb details, with luck they'll add the necessary support.

Edit: A quick look at RTL8192CU-v4.0.2_9000.20130911/os_dep/linux/usb_intf.c confirms that the combination of vendor id 050d and product id 21f2 is not currently supported by the RTL8192CU driver:
$ grep -i 050d usb_intf.c
        {USB_DEVICE(0x050D, 0x1102)},/* Belkin - Edimax */ \
        {USB_DEVICE(0x050D, 0x2102)},/* Belkin - Sercomm */ \
        {USB_DEVICE(0x050D, 0x2103)},/* Belkin - Edimax */ \
        {USB_DEVICE(0x050D, 0x1004)}, /* Belkin - Edimax */ \
        {USB_DEVICE(0x050D, 0x110A)}, /* Belkin - Edimax */ \
        {USB_DEVICE(0x050D, 0x1105)}, /* Belkin - Edimax */ \
        {USB_DEVICE(0x050D, 0x120A)}, /* Belkin - Edimax */ \
$ grep -i 21f2 usb_intf.c

Assuming this is definitely the correct driver for your hardware, then you should try and get the correct vendorid/productid added in OpenELEC as a temporary measure, and preferably upstream in Linux itself.

It may be possible to add a udev rule to load this driver for this device. OpenELEC developers can probably advise.
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