OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
New OpenELEC Gotham build: #0408
(Supercedes previous build)

# uname -a
Linux rpi512 3.14.0 #1 PREEMPT Tue Apr 8 06:33:36 BST 2014 armv6l GNU/Linux

# vcgencmd version
Apr  7 2014 14:14:06
Copyright (c) 2012 Broadcom
version f85d26d96b56f0e29e1ac37fbf65050eb923c32a (clean) (release)

# lsb_release
OpenELEC (Milhouse) - Version: devel-20140408062145-r18117-gccda938

Based on tip of XBMC master (687d987, changelog) and tip of OpenELEC master (ccda938, changelog) with the following modifications:
  • Includes newclock3 commits (except for a27edcd, a patch to avoid hammering the GUI, which has been replaced with a static spinner)
  • Excludes the OpenELEC fernetmenta patches (due to conflict with newclock3)
  • Includes Python regex package for evaluation purposes. Initial benchmarking indicates generally positive (and in some cases, significant) performance gains. See this post for a description of how to test effectiveness of this package with addons
  • Default setting for "Show RSS Feed" changed to disabled
  • Disabled "Total Duration" in Confluence (see build #0221 for details)
  • ALSA is enabled and any suitable hardware should be available in XBMC Audio Settings
  • Includes newclock3: "More efficient infobool expression evaluator" (reverted in stock OpenELEC)
  • Includes newclock3: "Allow small audio packets to be concatenated to make better use of audio fifo" (reverted in stock OpenELEC)
Build Highlights:

New firmware, plus several important new patches in newclock3 including:
  • dvdplayer patches that were not present in omxplayer (PR4534)
  • Changes to the multichannel Pi Sink code to extract the matrix by submitting identity samples, rather than poking at internal structures
  • Adjusted omxplayer to use the same scheme as Pi Sink to get the multichannel matrix. This will result in a different mixing matrix from before, but should be consistent with what XBMC does on other platforms
  • Switched to Mitchell Netravali resizing kernel exclusively, and made the sharpness control adjust the sharpness
  • Added the ability to collect omxplayer video and audio stream data for debugging purposes (see item #4 in "Additional Testing Notes" for details)
  1. New Firmware Apr 07:
    • firmware: image_encode: Fix that works for both buffers and tunnelling. See: link
    • firmware: video_decode: Allow ts fifo to be forced off with avoid_fix_ts=2 See: link
    • userland: tvservice: Enhance callback mechanism. See link
  2. OpenELEC:
    • sqlite: update to sqlite-autoconf-3080403
    • busybox: add applet 'pgrep'
    • simplejson: update to simplejson-3.4.0
    • make: update to make-4.0
    • gcc: add patch to workaround aginst bug GCC-49423
    • projects/RPi/options: add RTL8723AU driver support
    • pcre: update to pcre-8.35
    • kmod: update to kmod-17
  3. newclock3:
    • [PiSink] Remove unneeded header and use CAEChannelInfo directly
    • [omxplayer] Remove PCMRemap and handle multichannel mixing like ActiveAE does
    • [omxplayer] factor out the omxplayer busy dialog waiting
    • [omxplayer] fixed, compiler warning
    • [omxplayer] Fix infinite loop if (next) bluray title can not be played
    • [omxplayer] Disable menu icon of the VideoOSD if a bluray is played in non nav mode
    • [omxplayer] use startpts as a time reference if no other is available. This avoids display of wrong time after seek, due to lack of timestamps
    • [omxplayer] Make the sharpness control act as a sharpness control. This fixes scaling kernel as Mitchell Netravali, and varies sharpness over range B=[5/3,0] C=[-1/3,1/2]
    • [omxplayer] Add ability to dump out audio/video data for later debugging

Additional Testing Notes:
  1. Testers should try adding the following entry to their advancedsettings.xml:
    and report if it is better/worse than omxplayer. You can still play files with omxplayer using the context-menu "Play using... OMXPlayer".

  2. The following settings are no longer required in config.txt and should be removed:
    no_resample_audio is now a default, and hdmi_stream_channels is switched based on audio content. For the time being when using passthrough, 2.0 speaker layout should continue to be used (you will still get 5.1 with AC3/DTS).

  3. The FIQ_FSM patch is currently disabled by default in OpenELEC master. See the FIQ_FSM announce thread for details.

    One new feature, currently disabled by default, is accelerated support of high-speed isochronous transactions (webcams, real time devices, etc.). There's a possibility this could be used by ALSA or DVB modules (although not always) which may affect some users (hopefully for the better). If you might benefit from this, enable by adding the following option to the end of the line in your /flash/cmdline.txt file:
    dwc_otg.fiq_enable=1 dwc_otg.fiq_fsm_enable=1 dwc_otg.fiq_fsm_mask=0x7

  4. These test builds include the option to dump omxplayer audio and video packets to a file for later debugging. This is for issues with Live TV or streaming plugins that popcornmix can't access.

    In Settings -> System -> Debugging, enable "Debug logging" then in verbose logging enable "Dump video frames to debug file" and/or "Dump audio frames to debug file". These files will appear in ~/.xbmc/temp as audio.dat and video.dat. Hopefully popcornmix can then use these files when debugging issues.

    Note: dvdplayer and paplayer do not (yet?) support this debug capability and will not generate any debug data.
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