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LG smart tv
hola, soy nuevo en el foro, aunque ya tengo y disfruto xbmc en mi telefono android unos meses. Ahora el problema lo tengo en una smart tv LG , que no se como instalar, pues al intentar poner el frodo me dice que el archivo no es compatible, ruego me ayuden .el modelo de tv es 42LA640S.
GRACIAS anticipadas.
You cannot install XBMC directly onto the LG 42LA640S.
(2014-02-06, 22:27)Ned Scott Wrote: You cannot install XBMC directly onto the LG 42LA640S.

Gracias Ned, entonces como lo puedo hacer?
Install it onto a PC or other supported device. See the downloads page:
Raspeberry PI stuck to back of tv

In English pls.
how i can isntall on usb card and reproduce(play-run) on smart tv?
Apologies, I (at least) am not 100% clear on the question.

Are you asking how you have Kodi on a flash card or USB stick, and then get that to display on a smart TV? If so, you want the answer above - a Raspberry Pi, OpenElec, and an HDMI cable. Other platforms are available, e.g. some Android boxes, NUCs, etc.

Otherwise, please try again with the question...

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