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Automatically scrobble what you're watching to (you will need a user account).
Episodehunter is a service that automatically keeps a record of what you are watching and can there by create a comprehensive history of all TV shows and movies you have watched and can give tips on what to see next.

Version 1.0.8:
        - Removed sqllite.db, the offline database is now created in userdata folder
        - Moved,,, and
          into resources/lib
        - Renamed a lot of functions and class names
Version 1.0.7:
      Replace print statements with xbmc.log()
      Force scrobble when onPlayBackEnded() is called
      Convert language .xml files to .po
      Remove some debug output
      See #7, #8, #9, #10 on github
Version 1.0.6:
      Change add-on id to lowercase
      See #6 (on github) for more information
Version 1.0.5:
      Sync bugfix
      See #3 and #4 (on github) for more information
Version 1.0.4:
      Added debug option in settings
Version 1.0.2:
      More quick bug fix
Version 1.0.1:
      Quick bug fix
Version 1.0.0:
      Smaller bug fix
Version 0.9.9:
      Major sync update
      Update to API v2r1
Version 0.9.8:
      Import Time lib to sync_helper
Version 0.9.7:
      Smaller bugfix
Version 0.9.6:
      Re-render icon
Version 0.9.5:
      Sync bugfix
Version 0.9.4:
Version 0.9.2:
      Update the license file
      Some bugfix
Version 0.9.1:
      Added off-line support and drop password (using api key instead)
Version 0.8.7:
Version 0.8.6:
      BugFix: Fix that movie scrobbles again
Version 0.8.5:
Version 0.3.0:
      Skipp Telnet
      Using xbmc.Player instead
Version 0.2.1:
      Update to API v1r2
Version 0.2.0:
      Alpha testing
Version 0.1.1:
      Can now scrobbler movies and tv shows
Version 0.0.1:
      The first version of episodeHunter! Like a boss


This thread is a replacement for:
I have installed episodehunter plugin on openelc.
I try to sync and it gives me an error - "you have not permission to send data"

I am trying to figure out how to correct the error.
Hi mawilkinson,

Maybe a stupid question, but have you enter your username and api key? Check that you have enter correct user credentials (the api key is case sensitive), you can find your api key here:

If it still doesn't work, send me your username. You can send me an email ([email protected] if you don't want to publish it here on xbmc forum.
My user name is mawilkinson. I confirmed my user name and key that was sent to me and still get the same issue. I will confirm again when I get home.
Thanks for the quick reply.
Hi mawilkinson,

Sorry for my late reply (I missed your reply for some reason).

Anyway, from what I can see in my log files, you have misspelled your username. It looks like you have enter mawilknson instead of mawilkinson.
Update your username and you are good to go.
Hello sir, my account say the same error can you help me username is juampablex
Quote:Hello sir, my account say the same error can you help me username is juampablex

What seems to be the problem? Can't you login on What error message do you get and when do you get it?

Is there a way to make requests to EH website to retrieve data from your account, like the EH Kodi addon does for watched library sync?

I want to retrieve media watched and ratings for software to use externally. Is this possible?

I looked through the source on github but couldn't work out how the addon is fetching the data. I'm no good at python.
Hi cabji,

Yes, it is possible depending of what kind of data you want Wink
I do not (at the moment) have any public api for fetching media information but you can fetch your watch history and get all media information from and Can you give some examples of data you want to collect?
Thanks for the reply EH,

I am mainly looking for a way to fetch what movies/tv shows have been watched by a user, and probably any ratings they have given to watched items. Is there any way to fetch tv season/episode data from EH too, or should this be done from a place like
I have an account and i have installed the add-on on kodi but I have no idea what an API Key is or where to find it. Help.
Hi @Natanaed,
The API key is a way to know that you are you, instead of using username and password. You can find your api key on the settings page:

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Have a good one!
Hi, I am still using EH on an Ouya that will only run up to Helix version of Kodi.

When I try to sync TV shows I get an error:

Argument "line 2" for method "ok" must be unicode or str

Syncing Movies still works ok.

I have another player that is running Krypton and EH seems to work ok on that. Is Helix still compatible, or is there a way I can fix it for Helix?
It has been 6 months since @Episodehunter has logged into the forum. Might be worth trying to make contact another way. Maybe a message at his github account- link in first post.
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Hi @cabji,

I can't really tell you why you are getting this error but the thing is that I have removed the sync feature for now in the latest version of the addon (version 2.0.5) and I'm only supporting Krypton. 

Short answer:
I only support Krypton, and in the latest version of the addon I have disabled the sync (for both movies and shows).

Long answer:
You may ask why; I'm a single developer on episodehunter and I'm working on this project on my spare time and paying the server bills from my own pocket. I'm however glad that I'm doing it. I learn so much while doing it and I love to code. However, there is a bunch of known issues on the current site and it didn't scale very well so I decided to rewrite the site from scratch and the infrastructure behind it. I did, however, know that I couldn't rewrite everything at once and do a big bang release so I started to replace some services and one of them was the service who is responsible for the sync. Since the data model wasn't complete in the database and I wanted to fix other, more priority issues, I decided to disable the sync in Kodi for now (I want however enable it again soon). I also decided to only support Krypton (it was released February 2017) since the Kodi team only support bug reports for Krypton.

I hope that answer your question. Feel free to contact me in this thread, PM, issue on github, or any other channel. 

If anyone wants to help; I will gladly introduce you to the project. It's mostly running on nodejs/ts (but I'm open for discussion) in lambda functions.

Have a good one!

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