Map remote functions inside addon - what label?
I want to configure some remote functions (0 to queue) inside an addon.
I know how to use remote.xml but what I cannot figure out is how to label the section to communicate what addon.
Built in areas are specified by things like <MyVideoLibrary> (keys/functions) </MyVideoLibrary>

How do I figure out what to label my section for a particular addon?

thanks for any help

EDIT: I have tried the friendly name of the addon from the addon.xml file, as well as the addon ID also from the addon.xml and neither worked.
My particular case is the Random Trailers addon during trailer playback
I hope I'm not the first one to try this??!!
Ok, since I finally succeeded with some help and it would seem no one has ever wanted to do this and wrote it down before I figured I better come back and document my solve.

First I made a keyboard.xml in %appdata%/XBMC/userdata/keymaps

Then there IS a notation in the wiki (a tiny one) that you can use the window id to specify a keymap effective screen, (Like global or MyVideoLibrary or other builtin scopes for the keymap to be active within). That documents that the format is:
<window###> where ### is the ID of the window.

Python windows are apparently assigned from around 13000 or 13001 on up to a certain limit. Luckily for me the developer for the addon was nice enough to put a log entry to report the windowID. In this case it was 13001. I do not know if that will stay static or move around from time to time, or be the same or different for other running addons. What I can suggest is try 13000 and up.

This is what my file ended up looking like:




I hope this will be of some use to someone else wanting to map a remote button or keyboard shortcut to a function within an addon screen only.
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