Sometimes glitch in sound
once in a while, sometimes after 30 mins and sometimes twice within 10 mins, sound disappears (drops) while video continues correctly, after the glitch (approx. 1 second) sound is in sync with video again like nothing has happened. On my receiver, i also see a notification that sound was lost, and returns again. Dropping of sound happens only when setting 'adjust display refresh rate to match video' is enabled. When disabled, no sound drops/hick-up but disadvantage is that video is not that smooth (eg 24p movies). Some settings
- Running OE 3.2.4. on Raspberry PI.
- It happens on DVDs (all converted to MKV) and HD movies
- And AC3 / DTS capable reciever is enabled.
- Video Output set to resolution 1920*1080p / refresh rate 50Hz, vertical blank sync = always enabled)
- sync playback to display disabled

Any tips to solve it?
Does enabling "sync playback to display" help?
What make/model of receiver?

You could also adjust config.txt option:

It defaults to 175. Try setting it to 100 or 50 and see if that helps.

I'd also be interested if this gotham build has the issue:
enabled 'adjust display refresh rate to match video' and set to 'always'.
enabled "sync playback to display", but this makes the sound a bit distorted. Tried all three options: Audio Clock, Video Clock(resample audio), Video Clock(Drop/Dupe Audio).
Decided to disable this setting again and modified 'config.txt' by adding hdmi_clock_change_limit=100, and later to 50. But no difference, once in while still a glitch in sound.

Should I try all values in this range..?

Receiver = Harmon Kardon AVR160

Haven't tried the newest built yet since I am not very familiar with the command prompt, but will try if we run out of options. Any more tips that I could use first
in a different part of the forum i found another post of you ( In this post you mentioned to add "config_hdmi_boost=4" as well as "hdmi_clock_change_limit=50" to "config.txt". I must say, when adjust display refresh rate to match display" is set, the sound drops did definitely reduce, happened one time (watched 1 movie twice and no sound drop, in the 2nd movie was a sound drop).

So these setting did improve. Will it make sense to adjust any other settings and/or try different values of the hdmi_clock_change_limit (Range 50 -150)?

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Sometimes glitch in sound0
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