WIP Adding Audio DSP Plugin to AddonManager
Hi Community,

I am again a step further.

Brief overview of the things that I've done so far:
  • Create a test DLL that can be loaded by the AddonManager
  • AudioDSP Addons can be disabled or enabled within the AddonManager (see 2nd screenshot)
  • Also Install and Uninstall (see 2nd screenshot) should work now (not tested now)
  • Add a new settings entry in Audiooutput (Bypass AudioDSP Addons and AudioDSP Manager)
  • Added a new window so we can handle AudioDSP Addons (configure, order or set AudioDSP Addon to active List)
  • All DLL functions can be loaded and called by xbmc --> first ActiveAE tests can be carried out soon Big Grin

Now some screenshots:
First dialog window for the AudioDSP Manager. (It's not perfect, but a trained skin developer can do it better then me Blush)
+ Button adds a Addon from available list to active list (so ActiveAE can process the audio samples with the Addons in the active list)
- Button removes the Addon from the active list.
Down Button moves the Addon down in the active list.
Up Button moves the Addon up in the active list.
Cancel Button quits the AudioDSP Manager without any changes.
OK Button quits the AudioDSP Manager and pushs the new settings to ActiveAE.
Apply Button pushs the new settings to ActiveAE without closing AudioDSP Manager.
Configure selected Button shows the configuration Dialog for the selected AudioDSP Addon. We also can show up this dialog by clicking the Addon in the active list.
What do you think about the AudioDSP Manager and the included buttons/funcitons?

Added some small C++-Code to AddonInfo-Screen and now we can enable or disable AudioDSP Addons. (I think install or uninstall should also work, but at the moment I haven't tested it)

Screenshot with the test DLL. Later we need a little template so that the developers can start with AudioDSP Addons development.

Next Steps:
  • Write code for the AudioDSP Manager and its dialog window
  • Push active addon list to ActiveAE
  • Write a simple dialog for test DLL, that we can configure the AudioDSP Addon
  • Write the code for the IIR-Filter
  • Do some test with the test DLL and the included IIR-Filter
  • Add a new entry in OSD-Controll buttons, so we can get faster access to AudioDSP Manager

Do you have any suggestions or ideas?

Installing the AudioDSP Addon Demo works with an zip-file :-D

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