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(2014-04-20, 10:03)wisler Wrote: @steph_tsf: xbmc is multiplattform and does not only run on windows! As far as I know there is no support for ASIO and JACK within xbmc. Why are you talking about VSTs? At the moment there is no VST support from our addon system!!!!!!!!! If you want VST addons you have to write a wrapper addon for xbmc!!!! Why should your "wall of text" help us? The audio dsp addon handling is almost finished and it works. Just compile alwinus fork and test it.
Hello wisler. Thanks for summarizing it this way, clearly, frankly. I commented alwinus work with "one million thumbs up". Alwinus asked if his proposed DSP pipeline was right. Unfortunately alwinus proposed DSP pipeline is wrong from a diyAudio goal targeting bit-exact audio. Unfortunately alwinus proposed DSP pipeline ignores ffmpeg downmix and resampling possibilities. Thus, generating my "wall of text" here, I was expecting that XBMC revisited AddonManager could align on some useful VST practices. We live in a free world. Do what you want and continue your effort. I'm warmly and positively hoping that you have the required skills for triggering a revolution, with XBMC embedding all bolts and nuts for designing any audio DSP pipeline running on Windows X86, ARM Android and (why not ?) Apple iOS, able to output audio on multichannel HDaudio motherboards, multichannel USB audio attachements and HDMI 8-channel LPCM. All this relying on the XBMC GUI that should be multiplatform.

Now come a few points I would like you to consider, seriously :

1. Have you understood how a given VST plugin can grab operational parameters (like BiQuad coefficients, FIR filters coefficients, delay values) from text files ?
2. Have you understood how the Audio DSP Plugin addition to XBMC AddonManager could replicate such approach for specifying all audio DSP Plugins to be pipelined, and also, for specifying the text file to be associated (as parameters list) to each Audio DSP Plugin ?
3. What software framework do you recommend for writing the Audio DSP code of each Audio DSP plugin ? - please remember the aim of 1) remaining multi platform and 2) avoiding the VST wrapper method
4. Have you understood that for remaining "bit-perfect", you need to ask ffmpeg to do no audio resample ?
5. Have you understood that for remaining "bit-perfect", all audio DSP Plugins need to support various sample rates (44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 96 kHz, 192 kHz) - automatically selecting the right parameters sets ?
6. Have you understood that for remaining compatible with low cost hardware only capable of 44.1 kHz, you may need to ask ffmpeg to do audio resample, or you may need an Audio DSP Plugin doing that the way you want ?
7. Have you understood that there are two Audio domains, the XBMC Audio domain (possibly handled "bit perfect"), and the "Platform" Audio domain carrying sounds from Internet, from security cameras, from VOIP, etc ?
8. Have you understood that some mixing may be required, for allowing the user to listen both to the XBMC Audio, and the "Platform" Audio ? Have you understood that this may require further audio resample ?

Your goal is ambitious. As I said, if some of this is already working, that's absolutely remarkable.

Unfortunately, very few people is willing to invest time in compiling and testing, very few people is willing to spend money in hiring specialized people for compiling and testing, if you don't confirm that you bear the above 8 points in mind.

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