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Quote: What do you mean with Audio Compression? (Format or Dynamic processing)

Dynamic range compression (DRC).

(VF) Voice frequency range for communications is 300 to 3000 HZ. Actually men's voice range is 150 cycles to 6,000 cycles and for women 350 cycles to 8,000 cycles.
So lets say you are watching a standard show such as CSI or NCIS with more dialog then background or incidental music during each scene. On a surround sound system that is mostly separated for you via front, side, rear, center and sub as in a 7.1 system.
Now it can become a problem when all that is mixed down to a 2 channel device such as a TV with just L & R. So when any background or music rises and there is dialog, it can wash out the voice.

So in some cases with those that are only limited to 2 channels, may want to have a compression setting that is frequency dependent. This way you can keep the voice frequencies (mid) set and compress the peaks of the surrounding frequencies 60-150Hz / 3.5-16.0KHz if they get to hot. Shouldn't have to worry about anything over 16000 unless you are a dog. Woof
The frequency response of most two channel TVs are pretty limited so a standard EQ may help but something that can be set to compress at a set frequency may be a big help.

I am mostly a RF and Video guy I usually leave the audio to the audio engineers. Plus, I'm getting old so my mid range is getting a bit dull. Background noises can kill voices for me such as in a restaurant. So if the waiter comes over and says, you'r an arse. I say sure I'll go for another course. Huh

Here is some interesting reading on voice frequency ranges http://www.larryjordan.biz/audio-mixing-...of-speech/
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