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Release Eminence
This skin is now HELIX only

watch gallery

Requirements / Supported Addons
Skin Widgets
Global Search
Tv Tunes
Artist Slideshow
CU LRC Lyrics


Fonts with Hebrew Support

What wont be supported
Extrafanart / Extrathumbs

Iconmonstr.com for ui icons
Piers for video add-on icons -- http://metroicon.net/
Meterocons for weather icon font
redhalo for pseudotv skin

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q. How can I customize the home menu?
A. Easy, just go to Settings > Skin Settings > Home Screen > Customise

Q. How can I make a new tile between two other tiles?
A. Customize > Click where you want to insert the tile and choose "insert tile"

Q. How can I set a tile for all my favourites?
A. Customize > Click the tile you want to set and choose "edit path". Set the path to:
Don't forget to give the tile an icon and label also.

Q. How can I skip the hubs and go straight to my library?
A. Customize > Click the tile you want to change and choose "edit path". Set the path to:
For Movies:
For TV:
For Albums:
For Artists:
For PVR:

Q. What are some of the other paths I can use?
A. Library paths: http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=Opening_Windows_and_Dialogs
Other http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=Window_IDs

Q. What other functions can I use in edit path?
For example, you can have a reboot tile with the path:

Or you can have an update library tile with the path:

Q. How can I set a path to a folder of video or music files?
For Videos:
For Music:
Change /path/to/your/files/ to the path you want to use.

Q. How can I set individual colours for tiles?
A. In Settings > Skin Settings > Home Screen, you need to disable "use theme colours for focused tiles". Then you can set colours for tiles in the home customization screen by clicking on a tile and choosing "set colour"

Q. How can I set individual background widgets per tile?
A. In Settings > Skin Settings, click "Set global background widget" and choose "disable". Now you can set background widgets for individual tiles in the home customization screen.

Q. Why does my custom smart playlist widget take so long to load?
A. You need to limit the number of items it displays to 10 in the smart playlist editor.

Q. Why doesn't my computer shutdown when I choose shutdown from the power menu?
A. In Settings > System > Power Saving, you need to change the shutdown function from Quit to Shutdown.
arctic horizon 2 - alpha release now available.
very nice skin i was wondering when someone was gonna make the new lg web os skin
Complaining about dependencies, but I have all those listed installed. What version of XBMC is required?
I just knew someone would be making a WebOS TV skin at some point Smile

Seriously though, looks good! I might steal the idea of that Live TV icon Wink

It would have been nice though if you would have taken the "one view" concept of WebOS TV and extended that through the entire skin. I've been thinking of doing that, also inspired by WebOS TV.

I'll be giving this a run later! keep it up Smile
@clackerdacker - sorry should've noted its gotham only

@Jeroen - thanks. Not really trying to copy web os, I wasn't even planning on making a skin - just was trying to see if it was possible to do it as a sort of proof of concept and then it just went from there.
arctic horizon 2 - alpha release now available.
The skin looks just great and I really would love to test it. Is there any way to install Gotham and Frodo parallel on the same computer? As I understand for this skin, Gotham is needed but I would like to keep my Frodo installation just iin case I would need to switch back for any reason.
yes i asked for this a fresh idea. and not a metro/xbox skin love it i will follow it and when its finisht i will use it.
Great work, great estate. The only thing I don't like out of the box from your screenshots is the PVR part, because you don't really get much info or overview in those views yet. Maybe you can tweak things a tiny bit
Skin looks good. But what about Arctic? Are you still working on it, too? Or is this your new baby? Smile
Nice work Jurialmunkey, i'll be watching this project closely :-)

A quick point on design if I may: avoid using fully justified text on textboxes - leave them flush left. Full justify never really works without control over hyphenation.

It's one of those design aesthetic vs. usability conundrums. As much as my opinion means anything, I'd err on the side of usability.
Bitcoin donations: 1Hvo9rWzhAVbuPrshgaGZaD7qcLFTCPuiv
[Skin] Pellucid
[Skin] Maximinimalism
Looks very good!
I'm curious how skin.widgets are implemented (like a popup on the first screen or something?).

Will have to try this when RaspBMC goes Gotham Smile!

Again JM a great skin! Arctic is my daily drive for quite sometime, but this could be a nice alternative Wink
Another skin buddy? niceeee
I will have to wait sometime cos i don't download last XBMC versions till they're more settled down, but i am already wanting to check this out.
Looks good so far !
Silverstone Grandia GD05 - Intel i5 3570k -Asus H61M-G Micro-ATX - Unidad Blu-ray
MSI GTX970 4GB GDDR5 - 8 GB RAM DDR3 - AVR Denon X3400H Atmos - LG  OLED 55C7V
Ah, so this is where you went. Looks good.
Looks really good. So nice to see more skinners focusing on the basics of usability instead of stuffing the skins up with distracting artwork and fancy effects...

Though, if I could mentioned one immediate suggestion... Use the whole real estate of the screen in the EPG, don't waste so much space on the left and right side. And if it is possible to make it easy to switch between channel groups

And customizable buttons on the home screen would be perfect
Looks gorgeous and simple. Love the large typographics and the color scheme. Would like to help out translating the skin. Smile
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