Solved HD encrypted channels problem
Problem concerning HD channels that are provided by my pay provider Most times HD channels (CanalDigitaal) works, but sometimes not?
Free HD channels seems to work always and also SD channels including the ones that are proveded by my provider.
Switching around from Free HD channels to pay SD channels to pay HD channels is a workarround to get HD channel (CanalDigitaal) to work.

Debian Testing amd64, Tvheadend 3.9.383~g1745e0c, XBMC 4:13.0~alpha11-dmo3 (deb-multimedia)

XBMC log:
12:05:51 T:140253826377472 DEBUG: PVRManager - OpenLiveStream - opening live stream on channel 'NED 1 HD'
12:05:51 T:140253826377472 DEBUG: opening live stream for channel 'NED 1 HD'
12:05:51 T:140253826377472 INFO: AddOnLog: Tvheadend HTSP Client: SendSubscribe - subscribe to channel '436809586', subscription 1
12:05:51 T:140253826377472 DEBUG: AddOnLog: Tvheadend HTSP Client: SendSubscribe - new subscription for channel 436809586 (1)
12:05:51 T:140253826377472 DEBUG: PVRFile - Open - playback has started on filename pvr://channels/tv/Alle TV kanalen/0.pvr
12:05:51 T:140253826377472 DEBUG: CDVDInputStreamPVRManager::Open - stream opened: pvr://channels/tv/Alle TV kanalen/0.pvr
12:05:51 T:140253826377472 NOTICE: Creating Demuxer
12:05:51 T:140253826377472 DEBUG: DllAvCodec: Using libavcodec system library
12:05:51 T:140255918938048 DEBUG: ------ Window Init (DialogBusy.xml) ------
12:05:51 T:140255918938048 DEBUG: Window DialogBusy.xml was already loaded
12:05:51 T:140255918938048 DEBUG: Alloc resources: 0.01m
12:05:51 T:140253826377472 ERROR: Get - failed to get stream

TVHeadend log:
2014-02-22 12:13:35.596 subscription: " [ meindert | XBMC Media Center ]" subscribing on "NED 1 HD", weight: 150, adapter: "Conexant CX24117/CX24132 : DVB-S #0", network: "ASTRA 3 NL HD", mux: "12187H", provider: "CANALDIGITAAL", service: "NED1 HD"
It could be a problem with your version of XBMC, you're using the unsupported Debian version of it. If not then your decryption method is not working correctly, which alas cannot be discussed here.
What CPU are you running? Decryption of HD streams is significantly more CPU-intensive than it is for SD streams (higher bitrate means more decryption processing)

Reading your log not sure that this is the issue though. As has been said - detailed discussion of decryption isn't suitable here. The TV Headend forums might be more relevant?
It is not XBMC because also a recoding fails and that has nothing to do with XBMC. But it seems, after some experiments, that the channels on ASTRA 3 gives occasionally problems both SD and HD. Often the problems occur after restart or after some configuration in TVHeadend. It is hard to pinpoint this.
My CPU is not the problem I think: Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU E8200 @ 2.66GHz

I play around with Priority, because i like to have the first adapter available for Astra2 and Hotbird

TVHeadend uses the adapters also for scanning ?! Is it possible to prevent this ? It is useles i think.

I'm worry about the amount of Services, it is almost 4000.

My configuration is 2 x TBS6981, so 4 tuners in total.
I have 4 networks configured: Astra1 (Quad LNB), Astra2 (Single LNB), Astra3 (Quad LNB) and Hotbird (Single LNB)
Tv Adapaters are:
Conexant CX24117/CX24132 #0 (Four port switch) Priority 20
AA: Astra1, AB: Astra2, BA Astra3, BB: Hotbird
Conexant CX24117/CX24132 #1 (Two port switch) Priority 10
A: Astra1, B: Astra3
Conexant CX24117/CX24132 #2 (Two port switch) Priority 15
A: Astra1, B: Astra3
Conexant CX24117/CX24132 #3 (Two port switch) Priority 5
A: Astra1, B: Astra3
Problem seems to be solved. The LNB for Astra3 was probably not in the right position, because after push it a bit in another position it worked as aspected. Weird because it worked more than two years OK. I have a visiosat G4 QUADRO.

Is there a way to measure, via software, the signal strength?
I think tvheadend's status screen shows you SNR and signal strength, but I believe it's arbitrary as there's no common scale - so tvheadend has to trust whatever the adapter tells it, if everything. Think about comparing the number of bars of signal strength between an iPhone 4, a Galaxy S4 and a Nokia 2110... they'd all be different (especially the iPhone).

At best, you can use it for relative signal strength on that adapter over time.

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