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AAC 5.1 in mp4 files.
mp4 movie files with AAC 5.1 sound will be passed through (seemingly), but my Yamaha AVR can't handle 5.1 aac. I'll hear the 2.0-"part" of the 5.1 signal, switching to the stereo AAC works fine. What can I do?
Update to a gotham nightly.
Got the most recent one!
then lets see a Debug Log.

Btw, there is no AAC passthrough, it will be transcoded to AC3 if you have passthrough enabled.

here it is. sorry, took some time, guess who forgot to turn off the watchdog beforehand. had to delete some watchdog-information. Undecided
If the AVR can do Ac3, enable AC3 for the spdif device and also enable "AC3 Transcoding".
It's via HDMI. I enabled passthrough to HDMI, Dolby(AC3) and DTS capable receiver (which it is).
Should i deactivate passthrough completely?
Quote:If the AVR can do Ac3, enable AC3 for the spdif device and also enable "AC3 Transcoding".
So I enabled passthrough, enabled ac3 for the spdif device. Where can i find "AC3 Transcoding"?
It's directly under the AC3 setting.
The next setting there is "Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC3)-fähiger Receiver", when I choose HDMI as "Digitales Outputgerät" (sorry, don't know the english translation) or DTS-fähiger Receiver" when I choose the SPDIF.
Might there be a problem in the transcoding (AAC->AC3) process?

I now get what you mean.
When I choose SPDIF as output I have no sound at all!
I stand corrected: I've GOT 5.1 when starting a movie, but NO sound in the menu or when starting music!
To wrap it all up:

When I choose audio output: HDMI I get menu sounds, music, 5.1 sound with movies that got AC3 or DTS sound.

When I choose audio output: SPDIF I get surround sound when playing mp4 with AAC.
I've found the settings for passthrough a bit convoluted with HDMI output. It looks like you don't have pulseaudio from your log, so make sure you have chosen HDMI for your audio output. Then you have a choice. If you select 5.1 channels (or 7.1 if your AVR can handle it) you need to leave passthrough disabled. You should then have all of your sources converted to LPCM and sent to your receiver (assuming your receiver can handle LPCM, they usually do) You will get surround sound from everything but it is converted first by XBMC. If you want passthrough, then set your number of channels to 2.0, enable passthrough (in that order) and you should see an option for transcoding to AC3 under the passthrough options. Enable that and you should get AAC to transcode to AC3 and all your movies with AC3 and DTS to work too. Make sure your passthrough device is also HDMI and that you have enabled AC3 and DTS. Note that , for me at least, the AC3 transcoding option disappears if you anything other than 2.0 channels set.

If you do have pulseaudio on your system, then you also need to set the pulseaudio output device to stereo HDMI to get passthrough to work. I don't know how to do that on Arch, but on xubuntu there is a gui called pavucontrol. To get the multichannel LPCM to work with pulseaudio you need to set the pulse output device to 5.1 channel HDMI, and the number of channels to 5.1 in XBMC. You also need to select the pulse audio virtual device in XBMC.

One caveat is that you seem to have a lot of errors on ALSA at the start of your log. fritsch or wsnipex can tell you better than I whether there is some problem that needs to be corrected there.
My AVR isn't capable of handling multichannel LPCM, only 2.0.
But I will try setting the channels to 2.0.

Setting Speakers to 2.0 and setting passthrough with transcode works!
Thank you A LOT!

AAC 5.1 in mp4 files.00