no input detected when starting another mux
I'm using Frodo with 290e nano stick. Recently I was able to "catch" new channels on another mux in tvheadend. Problem is when I try to watch them with xbmc I get "no input detected" after a few seconds of buffering.
I'm able to watch the other channels (from another mux) without a problem.
Are these encrypted channels by any chance? Or is there anything else you can say about these channels - what country, mux, provider, etc,?

There's no immediate reason why tvheadend/XBMC should play some channels but not others otherwise.
the channels aren't encrypted. Its Israel new DTT channels. There are few differences that I know of:
1. the new channels are DVB-T2 and not DVB-t
2. They suppose to be 64QAM and not 16.

Thank you for your help[/u]
If they're new channels maybe there is no signal on them yet?
I suppose it's possible that tvheadend has auto-detected the muxes but either got the config wrong or the config has changed since they were discovered. You can see the mux configuration in the web interface - you could delete teh mux and let it re-add. Or, if you're up to it, you could simply shut down tvh, edit the config files and restart. QAM64/T2 channels should play fine play on that tuner.


They're not time-shared channels, are they? Broadcasting for only part of the day?
thanx for your replies.
I know for a fact that the channels were broadcasting, as other people watched them.
Is it possible that some driver related issue causing this problem?
I'm using Mythbuntu 13.04. The stick is recognized a Sony CXD2820R.

I'll try delete and rescan the muxes.
Not a clue, I'm afraid - there's no obvious reason why you wouldn't get those channels from what you've said. I'm using the same stick on kernel 3.5 on 12.04 LTS, and have no issues on DVB-T and DVB-T2 muxes on 64QAM and 256QAM (we don't have 16QAM here AFAIK).

You may need to switch debugging on in tvheadend and see what that says when you find the mux, scan it, or tune to it.
ok. unfortunatly the channels are now off air as it is some experiment for a while. hopefully next time I will be able to see them Smile
Thank you for the help so far.

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