Linux TVHeadend Addon: Error - unable to stat path
Every time when the addon starts (usually after booting) I noticed an error "Error: unable to stat path" while the pvrmanager starts up and loading channels/epg etc. TVheadend is on a different machine (server only). The log from xbmc:

08:17:58 T:2905590592  NOTICE: PVRManager - starting up
08:17:58 T:2777676608  NOTICE: Thread PVR manager start, auto delete: false
08:17:58 T:2769283904  NOTICE: Thread PVR add-on updater start, auto delete: false
08:17:58 T:2710563648  NOTICE: Thread CFileCache start, auto delete: false
08:17:58 T:2769283904  NOTICE: AddOnLog: Tvheadend HTSP Client: CHTSPConnection - SendGreeting - connection opened to 'HTS Tvheadend 3.4.27~gfbda802~precise', protocol v10 (timeshift enabled)
08:17:58 T:2736556864  NOTICE: Thread CFileCache start, auto delete: false
08:18:08 T:2755652416  NOTICE: Thread PVR GUI info updater start, auto delete: false
08:18:08 T:2755652416   ERROR: AddOnLog: Tvheadend HTSP Client: ReadResult - command failed - Unable to stat path

Is this a misconfiguration of tvheadend or a bug in the addon?
Sounds like xbmc is trying to read a recording but hasn't opened it. I'd expect that after a reconnection maybe, but not on boot.

Not a bug in tvh though.

I have the same problem. Only the epg data will not be shown in XBMC.
In the past I saw the epg data also on website of tvheadend. But now not. What can be the problem?
(I think it is since updating to 13.1 "Gotham")

I am experiencing exact same problems when starting TVH as a service.

I can also in my TVH log see "frequency out of range" messages for my tuners during the startup of TVH but tuning works fine and watching LiveTV in XBMC works also fine.

However, if I start TVH (currently on 3.9.1600) as root from the command prompt with ./build.linux/tvheadend it works fine and I do not get either the "unable to stat path" and the "frequency out of range" errors.

Sounds like I am having some permission issues when starting TVH as a service instead of running it from the command prompt as root with ./build.linux/tvheadend (from tvheadend directory)?

I have verified that tvheadend runs as user "hts" and belongs to user group "video".

Is there anything more I can check to find out why I get these two errors when running as service instead of running as root from command prompt?
Ok I have solved my problem now (I think).

I reconfigured my extra internal HDD (connected via SATA3-port) called "recordings" to be mounted as a systemwide mount /mnt/recordings instead of a user mount /media/recordings.
I also set group of the mount to be "video" so that for example TVHeadend and XBMC (and all other users in video group) can read and write to that disk.

Voila! The error "unable to stat path" has now disappeared! :-)
I found it when trying to solve the recording problem when using a FAT32 USB Hard Drive (formatted under windows). I remember reading somewhere that with FAT32 only the user that the drive is mounted under has write access to it (and root of course). I am using TvHeadEnd version 3.4 ~ Wheezy. (actually on a Raspberry Pi)

What you can therefore try is

sudo nano /etc/default/tvheadend

Then change the $TVH_USER default

#   if set to "" will run as root

Or you can change it to Root - on OSMC Kodi, the default user is "osmc" - so changing it to that "lines things up" better. You can then record in any folder that user "osmc" has access to. When it boots, USB drives are mounted by this user, so away you go.

If you have created any config, however, you will need to copy this to your "new" user's home folder e.g.

cp -avr /home/hts/.hts /home/osmc/.hts

where *hts* is the uses for TvHeadEnd and *osmc* is the user for OSMC (i.e. the Kodi default user name in version I am using on Ras Pi)

You can then restart TV headend:

sudo /etc/init.d/tvheadend restart

Your access problems should then be eased or they should be gone!

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