Bug Gotham Beta1 hangs on live tv if signal is bad - log included

I have no idea if it's xbmc, ffmpeg or anything else issue/bug. But behaviour like this is unacceptable. I use xbmc Gotham Beta1 on Linux for watching live tv. If signal is good - everything works fine. But bad dvb-t signal (in this case, stream is corrupted) causes xbmc to hang immediatelly. I need to restart my computer or kill -9 xbmc.bin.
I just noticed. that earlier Gotham versions (for example, Alpha1) don't have this issue - of course, if video (or live tv stream) is corrupted, there are pixels/green pixels etc on screen, but there are no issues with xbmc itself (no any hangs etc.).

This is xbmc debug log while playing sample corrupted stream:

To reproduce issue:
- Enable vdpau
- Enable deinterlace - Temporal/Spatial or any other (with deinterlacing disabled, no hangs and everything works as should- strange)
- Try to play this file: https://mega.co.nz/#!TQF0wTyI!nIfHTbZtgV...IWF1ahQy5w (this is sample recorded from tv)

You will notice xbmc completly hanged after a few seconds. Earlier Gotham doesn't have this issue, it seems to be introduced in beta1?

Of course, I'm not asking for corrupted stream like this to be played without interrupts. But xbmc should not hang on them. Currently, every interference of tv signal causes my PC to hang because of xbmc and I need to hard reset (or login via ssh to kill xbmc) and it's really annoying. Can you look at this issue? Thanks.
I've recently noticed this same issue, but I'm using VAAPI, not VDPAU. I found that if I disable VAAPI for MPEG-2 (fernetmenta build - all broadcasts are in MPEG-2 in the US) the problem goes away (no hang of XBMC). I can even use de-interlacing then. I've also noticed that after XBMC hangs when using VAAPI and watching a bad recording, the video stops working in XBMC altogether and I only get audio without leaving the OSD when I try to play a video. Restarting XBMC or even logging out and back into the user doesn't fix this, so I'm thinking it's a bug in the linux driver code, but if it happens in both VDPAU and VAAPI, I'm not so sure now.

I did find that logging out of the xcfe account I use for XBMC and into an account that uses unity (in Ubuntu) seems to reset the video again, so that is a work around that avoids a full reboot.
you are running a debian hack with libav. please poke debian packagers.

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Gotham Beta1 hangs on live tv if signal is bad - log included1
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