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Release [Helix-Isengard] WiMM - Web interface Media Manager for Kodi
Actually tagline and plot editing works, what doesnt work again is mark as watched for both tv and movies in Gotham XWMM 4.0.1

Is there a chance to adding those two feature requests? Smile

  1. Option "View only" - Setup web interface as read-only - without options to change database, controls XBMC and so on for visitors..
  2. Option to filter displayed movie by genre - like simple filter: viewer clicks on Comedy, and movie panel shows only movies with Comedy flag. Viewer clicks at None(All) genre checkbox and all movies are displayed again.. and so on..

I am using 12.3 Frodo (Latest stable) XBMC
Hello and welcome.

Please feel free to make feature suggestions on github, so they can be tracked and managed easily.

If and when anyone takes the suggestion on, it will be added, but Frodo is now unlikely to get any more additions, fixes due to how Close Gotham is to release.
Thank You.. Ok, I will do that. I cant find "features" on github, ill submit those as issues then :/

Not a problem, I am always using latest stable of XBMC, so those requests you could consider as request on XVMM generally.
Yes you submit features request as issues and Ill tag them later! We hope for some kind souls to code these and other suggestions in Wink
(2014-04-22, 09:43)uNiversal Wrote: @Batiatus

Feel free to open a feature request separately for each feature in detail @ github, as I count there are 3 separate requests there but they need to be tracked somewhere Wink

The plot/tagline and description editor idk if thats a bug or a limitation but in any case do like requested pls, and cross fingers Big Grin

You want me to do what now?
You goto Post a bug or feature request and for each feature/bug in fair deatil explaining what you want and the benefit etc on XWMM github, so I can tag them and keep track of them and potential developers can see them and either add them or not.

Also, You had asked for a plot and tagline editor, which already is part of XWMM and it works (for movies) so you can leave that one out. It works very well in fact, you change whatever you want and click save.
Yeah I've seen you can edit plot and tag line. Wasn't sure when I made my initial post. Editing the aspect ratio would be great though since Gotham doesn't seem to automatically add extra art and I don't want to rescpre my entire 1350+ film library yet again!
Extra-art or art of any kind isnt supported in XWMM. You get whats scraped/displayed in XBMC, atm and you cant change it, because like I said feature is not yet supported or is broken, and needs somone to fix it up.

As for Aspect ratio, that is extracted from the file itself its streamdetails info. there is no way to change it via XWMM as that would require nfo support (because you are overriding data extracted form the file) and adding extra fields to XWMM and tbh I dont use nfos or even know if XWMM supports it, again if it doesnt or is broken someone needs to fix it up, We are short of developers, as it stands there are none, only ppl who submit fixes. Slash the porject owner is a bit MIA last I heard from him was months ago.

If there are bugs and anything else, make reports in github, make sure you are using latest release of XWMM and a supported browser. It is important to report issues and feature request in github, becuase forums threads get lost and buried and developers dont check it anyway. If these are on github its easy to track/manage.

I wasn't asking for extra art to be supported. Just for editing aspect ratio. Yes I know the information comes from the file itself but the problem is the files are all encoded as 16:9 when the film's aspect ratio is actually 1.85:1 or 2.35:1 or whatever. I understand how Blu-ray works and that even if the film image is 2.35:1 the actual frame in the file is 16:9 including black bars. I'd just like my collection info to show the film's honest aspect ratio and right now this requires opening every nfo file to edit the information. Then I'd need to refresh or completely rescrape my library to update the info. As I've gone through and added extra art to every file already and refreshing doesn't do this automatically I'd have to go through that entire process again.

Using XWMM or some other main library interface to edit the aspect ratio would make what I'm attempting much, much easier. I respect the lack of people capable of looking into such a request. It's beyond my comprehension or I would give it a try myself. Just wishful thinking on my part I guess.
Using OpenElec 3.2.4 on Frodo 12.2 I installed XWMM from XWMM-3.0.2.zip. My htpc is on xxx.xxx.xxx.40 and the port for XWMM is 22, nevertheless when I type http://xxx.xxx.xxx.40:22 or/and also xxx.xxx.xxx.40:22/addons/ I always get this: (btw adblockplus disabled for this page)
You typed http://xxx.xxx.xxx.40:22 <<-- IP's dont have that many xxx.xxx.xxx + 40 + port so if that was a typo or not idk but see comment above.

You need to access xwmm via the webserver port set in xbmc System > Services > Webserver, so that is either 80 by default or whatever you changed it to.

Looking at what you are doing, something is wrong, it has to be either http://xxx.xxx.40:22 or something else, but ya, it doenst seem right whatever it is you seem to be doing.

See Web_interface (wiki)

Well you can make the request(s) properly on github, I was merely making some comments only of what it would entail to override aspect ratio and to the other things you mentioned originally.

Yes you are right, the goal of XWMM as I understand it is to make these tasks easy to manage via web.interface, but as to when and how this will be achieved via XWMM idk.
In my routers network settings the htpc has a fixed ip-address; this is
In openelec under settings, network, webserver I have the following:
ssh is enabled
Hence I type in the addressbar of my browser, but without success.
Therefore I thought/think all conditions are met, but still I cannot get the interface opened in Firefox 29.0
Idk, it should work then.

Change the PORT from 22 to another port e.g 33 > not same port as SSH

1) Try starting the browser with all addons disabled
2) Try a different version of Firefox, like 28.
3) Look at your firewall.
4) Try another web interface like the default to check you can access it.

A Debug log (wiki) would be handy in case all those fail.
What do you mean by invalid?


When I type I am straightforward taken to the inlogscreen of my Diskstation, etc.
The ip address is perfectly OK on my home network, and according to the Webserver settings the port 40 should also be ok.
It most be another problem/setting somewhere.
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