"In Progress" indicator for TV series
I did a search to see if this was already asked for, but didn't find it in my search.

When you haven't watched a video the box after the name is empty, when you watched it it has a check and when you partially watched the video it is greyed out (apparently by how much the video has been watched).

Would something like this be possible for TV series? I am talking about the entire series, not the individual videos. I have an extensive Anime collection and it can be hard to keep track of which Anime series I have been watching and which ones I have not started yet. This can be especially true when I add a lot of updates to these series (latest episodes, new releases).

So, would it be possible to add a feature that indicated a TV series that is partially watched, but not finished yet?
I dont know what skin you are using but im using Aeon Nox (Git Verson) and there is a in progress tab under tv so it only shows the tv shows you are watching, dose not show unwatched or completed watched shows
All skins should have the "in progress TV shows" node. In Confluence you can see it by using the "Videos" tab.
I have looked through all the settings options, Videos, TV, Appearance and Skin Settings and I am unable to find this setting. I am using Transparency but I switched back to Confluence to see if I could locate this setting, but still couldn't.

Did they remove it from the Gotham beta release?
In progress show with in progress episode shown by play icon


In Progress TV shows


Its slightly counter intuitive not to have a sub-menu entry in confluence under tvshows, and you need to go into Videos which is really not a library portion mainly...

Im more inclined to suggest that gotham would include a sub-menu entry for this, and that would be much easier, unfortunately idk skinning well enough to make a pr for this but I will look into it and maybe see if this idea isnt shot down.
I was able to find this in Confluence, but not in Transparency. You said it should be in all the skins, so maybe it isn't in the Beta version yet?
I was able to add a In progress sub menu to TVSHOWS in Confluence and works exactly like expected and easy to access (which is the point), but would like to make some research to find out if the node can be mounted instead of path before making any PRs tbh skinning is a little beyond me, but I did my homework.
@jjd-uk @nedscott @isakowsky

see https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/4469
I like it. In fact, if it were up to me, I would have the sub options be: recent, in-progress, genres, tags, playlists, "library" (top of the nodes). "Title" is redundant with when you select "TV shows" directly, and selecting by year or actor doesn't seem as common as the others.
@nedscott, Ya its not going anywhere either, some academic discussion of, if's and but's and whatif's and whatnot's, is blocking this, even though it works as intended and its been here since Frodo.
(2014-03-25, 10:14)uNiversal Wrote: @nedscott, Ya its not going anywhere either, some academic discussion of, if's and but's and whatif's and whatnot's, is blocking this, even though it works as intended and its been here since Frodo.

Yes it works until a user starts customizing his library nodes and then he'll end up with a non-working sub-menu which he can only remove by manually modifying the skin. Until that issue is resolved we cannot use the custom library nodes (not even the ones distributed with xbmc by default) in home-screen submenus.
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tbh this would benefit the majority of users who cannot modify anything and hardly understand how xbmc works never mind the rest.
Clearly the number of users that may or may not do anything (and likely dont even use Confluence) is greater than the rest of regular users who by many reasons stick with confluence

I only wish I could turn this node into a proper hard link and use that instead in submenu.
(2014-03-25, 10:58)uNiversal Wrote: never mind the rest.

As someone who does xbmc support for a pretty long time now i can tell you this attitude towards users will not work out. (i wish it would - cause personally i don't care about any user but myself Wink ). Sure you will never get everyone happy - but if there are known issues and obviously use cases which will break - then you know that we won't allow it until there is no other way.

You know us long enough to stop beeing like a little child not getting its candy.
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Thanks for that! Smile I do work so hard so that you dont miss a chance to nitpick on something totally and take it out of context (and it was eiethr misunderstood and taken out of context) to squash me like a bug. Rotted Sad

Clearly having some point of view and even wishing - I could know more about xbmc to improve my contribs, does indeed make me a child who had candy stolen. lol.

So you know, I dint even know about some polemic about nodes until this PR was made, and dont understand the technical limitations or issues behind it, so thank you for educating me!!

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