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Gotham ?
Any chance PM3.HD will be built to support Gotham, I know it's only beta, but that's what I'm using on my cubox-i hardware and like PM3.HD but it's marked as incomparable so I can' download/enable it within Gotham. Just wondering that status.

- Justin
I really need this too.

Confluence looks nice but I don't like any of the movie library views. If it had the "Fanart" view from PM3-HD, I'd switch immediately.

Not only it likely won't be getting that I think JezzX has probably given up on this skin. :'(

That's literally the only thing stopping me from switching.
This is still the best skin ever made, i woul love to see an updated 2014 version of this skin!!!!

PM.4 anyone?
For those who are still interested in in use this skin in Gotham, I have sucess installing it. What I have done:

1.- If you have already updated to Gotham you will see that is market as not compatible, Well I have downloaded the github master skin from Jezzx posted in this forum. If not , just make a copy of the skin folder before upgrade.
2.- Unzip the github master skin and open with your prefered editor (for example wordpad) the addon.xml file and localize de the following line:
<import addon="xbmc.gui" version="4.0.0"/> and change to <import addon="xbmc.gui" version="5.0.1"/> , and save.

3.- Finally, re-zip the github master skin folder, and then you can install as any other addon in xbmc menu>addons>install from a zip file.

And done!!!! you got again PM3NodRofl

Tested in Gotham 3.0 compiled May 5th
With a lot of things that will not work anymore
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Well , what I have tested is the following:

1.- Tested all the views without no issue.
2.- scrapped a movie folder with many movies without any issue (also tried to change the fanart manually and no problem)
3.- Tested player controls: forward, rewind, play, pause, stop.
4.- Context menu works properly.
5.- Tested video addons: Pelisalacarta, xbmctorrent and youtube.

Of course there are some scripts that they do not work anymore. for example the xbmc suttitles.
One more request for a Gotham update of PM3, I love this skin since the times I used XBMC on the original Xbox and for me no other skin ever surpassed it :-)
+1 for this! I'd even put $5 into the pot.
Guys I will give my first born child to have pm3.hd back working properly in Gotham.

I've switched to ace which I do like but really had to Twist it by the ears to make t work how I want it and even so it's lost some view ability that pm3 is king at
I want it too!
Maybe you want to check out this thread: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=204055

I started working on a Helix compatible version of this skin, so far I managed to get subtitle downloading working again, restored context menu and keyboard functionality and fixed some minor graphical glitches too. Check out the fork of JezzX's repo here: https://github.com/qqbenq/skin.pm3-hd
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