Use libmmbd (MakeMKV) to play Blu rays on Windows
I have tested these steps on a Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit laptop (XBMC Frodo 12.3), mediocre specs. This worked for Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Walmart edition) and partially for Ender's Game (came up with 'anti-piracy' notice part way in, disc is legit though). I will be testing other blu rays as I have time.

This is assuming that you have the most recent version of MakeMKV installed, with an active beta key or purchased key.

Step 1: Navigate to the folder where MakeMKV is installed. Find the file "libmmbd.dll" and copy it.

Step 2: Navigate to the folder where XBMC is installed, and in the 'system\players\dvdplayer' folder, paste the file.

Step 3: Rename the file to "libaacs.dll".

Step 4: Repeat step 2, but rename the file "libbdplus.dll"

After following these steps, you should be able to play blu rays just as you would a DVD. Any limitations are probably the result of limited blu ray navigation support (such as selecting the wrong decrypted title/playlist).

Feel free to post any success stories, but I don't know how much help I'll be at troubleshooting.

Edited: Thanks capfuturo for adding about bd+.
Was looking for this! Finally I found a clear simple explanation on how to set up Blu-Ray Playback (encrypted) in Windows using MakeMKV's latest libaacs.dll and libbdplus.dll. This is working on my Windows 7 Ultimate system.

Just tested a Blu-Ray Disc with AACv21 and did it flawlessly. I have added one more step to your mini-guide if you don't mind:

Step 4: Paste libmmbd.dll to 'system\players\dvdplayer folder and rename it libbdplus.dll

This will ensure full AACS/BD+ decryption.

Obs: I just need the script to tell "Play Disc" button to look for "index.bdmv" when attempting to play, so I could get the Blu-Ray pop-up menu. At the moment it goes straight into playing the main BD video stream of course.

There is more info for Windows Blu-Ray play in the makeMKV forum:


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This is great. Thank you.
Thanks for the add. I forgot about BD+...

On another note, Catching Fire displayed the same notice Ender's Game did. It might be a Lionsgate thing. I'm testing Star Trek and Into Darkness next. (I don't have a very large blu-ray library for this reason).
I'm only getting a blank screen with this method. The disc spins up and the OSD appears but nothing plays. Confused

Well, from what has been posted above, it must be a Lionsgate thing. The first two disc I tried are Lionsgate films.
Just did a WB (The Road Warrior) and it played. In French, but it played. Big Grin
What disc and what version of xbmc and makemkv? Also, check the log files.
(2014-06-08, 20:34)iampegram Wrote: What disc and what version of xbmc and makemkv? Also, check the log files.

Sorry, I didn't beat your post before I edited. Lionsgate disc.
I've tried 10 BD and pretty much the only disc I can't play now is Rambo: First Blood. It's Lionsgate. It shows an audio CD icon when XBMC switches to full screen. I hear some audio garbage then it just stays
blank. The drive continues to spin.

I'm using win 8.1, gotham 13.1 and latest makemkv.

I haven't tested my entire BD collection. If this worked flawlessly it would be an awesome feather in the cap of XBMC for an all in one HTPC.
Honestly, this behavior is a result of MakeMKV picking the wrong title to play. Until the xbmc devs actually implement blu-ray menus and playback in the official versions, these are quirks we will have to put up with.

Or, you could report to the makemkv forums and see if they can correct the title selection function for lionsgate.
Can anyone point me to an email for a MakeMKV forum administrator? I tried to register but never received my activation email. Now login attempts direct me to contact a board member, but that can't be done without logging in. There is no "webmaster" link on any page that I can find. Thanks in advance for any help.
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I currently have the makemkv method working for playing bluray discs but it is very buggy.

When I try this method it tells me that I have an error due to aacs in the log file. I have tried copying both the libmmbd.dll file and the libmmbd64.dll files and renaming them. Neither makes any difference.

I thought that it was odd that my kodi\system directory was empty. I had to make the \players\dvdplayer directories.

Any help would be appreciated.
What version of Windows, and what version of kodi? Also, use libmmbd.dll, as kodi is a 32-bit application, and make sure you're running the most recent version of Makemkv.
Make sure you're copying these files to the directory where kodi is installed system-wide, eg "%ProgramFiles%\kodi." Copying these files to "%AppData%\Roaming\kodi" will do nothing, which is what I suspect is happening.

Hope this helps!
it looks like you nailed it. I copied the files into appdat\roaming\kodi as you suspected. All works well now.

Thanks very much!
For anyone else, which is trying to get this working under Windows 10 and latest nigthly build (KodiSetup-20160224-6d95209-master.exe) start Kodi as administrator. Otherwise my discs weren't recognized.

If I find a fix I will post it here.
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