External harddrive not seen by Pi
Hi all,

A couple of weeks ago I bought myself the Raspberry Pi and started exploring it. I've been looking for answers on the internet and on this forum. Whatever I tried the system still does not recognise my external harddrive.
Here are the steps I've taken:
- formatted the harddrive to EXT4
- connect my harddrive to an powered USB hub
- connect the PI to the same powered USB hub
I cannot see the external drive.

I've also connected another Freeecom external drive that has it's own powersupply and connected this to the USB hub; no success.

Am I missing something or doing soemthing wrong here?

Regards, Motormuis.
Wrong forum competely...try http://www.raspberrypi.org/forum/
Hi Bac522, sorry for this. I've entered my question on the sugggested forum.
Regards, Motormuis
Yes, I saw your question on the raspberry pi forum. You didn't initially mention that you were also running Openelec which now explains why you posted here. The drive is most likely being recognized, but just not being automatically mounted. I'm not familar with Openelec to know how it handles external drives, so if they can't help you at the Rasberry Pi forum you might want to also try the Openelec forum http://openelec.tv/forum/generic-forum and they have a subforum called "Storage".

Or change the subject title of your post and add "Openelec" and maybe some of the users running that version of XBMC might be able to help you here.

Also to get to the command line on your Pi you can try using another computer and ssh'ing into the Pi. If you have a windows machine google for an app called "putty"...works great to ssh into systems.
Can you try the freecom drive (the one with its own power supply) and plug it directly into the pi's USB port. Does the pi recognise it then?
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External harddrive not seen by Pi00