My New Build, Home Cinema thread.
Well finally receive the holy grail for my collection.

Diecast Limited Edition Iron Man Mk42, It weighs 3.4kg and is amazing in every angle.



I know what I want for Christmas, IRON MAN!!
where do you order these
(2014-09-03, 02:05)pe4nut1989 Wrote: where do you order these

They are from various online retailers here is a few to get you started, they're so addictive. eBay is probably your best bet for the much older figures. Although don't be sucked in by some high prices.
Well not really tech related but bit of a change to the outside of the house.

I got my sparky to install some downlights in the soffit of the house. Really pleased with the outcome and can't wait to drive home at night and see it all lit up.

The lights are attached to a dusk sensor which switches the lights on at dark then switches them off after x amount of time.

Here is some pics.


Nice! That's some god-tier lighting.
Thank Ned, we're currently in talks with the sparky on how we could possibly do the top gable.

The small roof makes getting access to the top very hard and puts the ladders on quite a severe angle.
cool gift, how much is that?
HTPC|Mini PC|Palm-Sized PC
How much is what sorry?
I thought your setup look great but Iron Man eclipses that!
Just been on one of the sites you linked and ordered a Delorean 1/6 model..... at least i have 18 months to explain it to SWMBO!
(2014-10-08, 13:02)nutski Wrote: I thought your setup look great but Iron Man eclipses that!
Just been on one of the sites you linked and ordered a Delorean 1/6 model..... at least i have 18 months to explain it to SWMBO!

Haha getting approval from SWMBO is the hardest part about all these.

I originally got approval for 2 on the TV Unit. Wanted more and tried to get approval for the dedicated cabinet but she just wouldn't until one day she cracked.

I was down ikea and had the unit in the car within 30 mins of her saying yes.

Nice pick with the delorian, it will sell out no doubt. Marty McFly went in about 1 day.
I'm quite lucky with SWMBO to be fair, one day she did crack and allow the 'geek rack' in the living room, which has now expanded into 6 shelves with Lego Millennium Falcon, few car diecasts, LOTR statues, lightsaber and some models from game collectors editions, plenty more to add to it and she found some Lego UCS stuff in the spare room the other day!

Need some more units i think!
Well thought I'd come and update this a little bit.

I was having too many issues with running XBMC on the HTPC, kept getting a lot of HDM, CEC handshake issues etc and also was starting to run out of room on my NAS. Since the NAS was quite old it already had 4 of the max size disks it could take.

So out with the old and in with the new, HTPC and Netgear Readynas we're sold and replaced with a QNAP TS-451 4GB Model.

This was a bit of a gamble as I had no idea how good and reliable XBMC would run on the NAS, but the gamble paid off. It's great having an all in one unit. The NAS now runs XBMC whilst handling all of my movie software in the background. It's played every movie I've threw at it and even runs Aeon Nox without any hiccups. The NAS has an IR Receiver on which allowed me to stick my IR blaster on and keep it hidden away and be controlled via my harmony.

Great little bit of kit.
Really interesting to hear XBMC runs well on the Qnap!

Personally I have an intel NUC as my main htpc and the qnap as just a storage server and it works well. Its good to know there is another option for the future.
It's just great having everything in one self contained box, uses less power as well.

My only gripe if I had one and this is being very very picky is sometimes it takes a second or 2 more to load a thumbnails on the movie wall (over 700 movies). But this is purely down to the fact my HTPC was running an SSD. I could if I wanted sacrifice an disk and put and SSD in the QNAP then enable QNAPs SSD Cache.

The mrs just could not get on with the HTPC setup, ringing me every day at work, this isn't working, that isn't working. Since getting the QNAP I've had one call to say it wasn't working and that was because I was updating the firmware.

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