My New Build, Home Cinema thread.
It's just great having everything in one self contained box, uses less power as well.

My only gripe if I had one and this is being very very picky is sometimes it takes a second or 2 more to load a thumbnails on the movie wall (over 700 movies). But this is purely down to the fact my HTPC was running an SSD. I could if I wanted sacrifice an disk and put and SSD in the QNAP then enable QNAPs SSD Cache.

The mrs just could not get on with the HTPC setup, ringing me every day at work, this isn't working, that isn't working. Since getting the QNAP I've had one call to say it wasn't working and that was because I was updating the firmware.

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RE: My New Build, Home Cinema thread. - by GTunney - 2014-12-01, 17:02

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