My New Build, Home Cinema thread.
Well small little update but not in the main lounge. I've had Kodi setup as a MySQL database for quite some time now but only ever had one installation in the main area.

My little boy has been asking for a TV in his bedroom. I thought numerous times about what hardware to run it on as this also needed to be able to receive UK Freeview TV or On Demand services. After much debate I decided to go with the Amazon Fire TV 4k as I could get an app called TVPlayer which gave me 90% of the Freeview channels.

I decided to share which movies he could use by creating special playlists using tags. I tagged all the movies and tv shows I wanted him to see by tagging them "kids". He doesn't have access to any settings and when he clicks a movie it plays instead of displaying info to avoid him getting access to other movies via actors.

I backed up my Kodi install from downstairs using the backup add on to get all the same skin settings and look then edited the menu items etc myself.

Kodi all setup for his TV and working like a charm.


His TV is only a small 22" but he lost the use of his drawers to due to room layout. So we decided it would be better if the TV was wall mounted.


Not bad right? But ew, look as those horrible cables, they don't bode well for my OCD. Time to get busy, luckily it was on an outside wall so there was a small gap between plasterboard and breeze block. Only needed to feed both power cables as the AFTV sits behind the TV.


All done and looking so much better, little one was thrilled with the outcome.

Kodi has been running fine on the AFTV for a few months now and thanks to my router I'm able to stream 1080p over Wi-Fi without any buffering at all. Will be using the same methods in the Master Bedroom when we eventually get a TV.

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