[RELEASE] 2048 Game for XBMC


in case you don't know 2048, its a small puzzle game which is very popular at the moment, you can play it e.g. here: http://gabrielecirulli.github.io/2048/
Be warned, it makes addicted Wink

I created a XBMC Version of it and would be happy if some of you could test it, it is still not finished but the game logic is complete (except you can't win Big Grin).

Here are the rules and controls:
- If tiles with same value overlap they join into one tile with double value
- Goal is to get the 2048 tile (not implemented yet) but you will see your own persistent highscore
- After any move a new random tile will spawn
- you lose when no moves are available
- Press up/down/right/left to move the tiles
- Press back to exit
- Press menu (e.g. "m" on keyboard) to start a new game

I implemented it as dialog so you can play while commercial breaks, listening to music and so on...
Later it will be possible to change the size and location of the dialog.

You can download version 0.0.2 here: http://goo.gl/v5zrH3

My GitHub. My Add-ons:
So cool xD
Very impressive, seems spot on!

Although as you say nothing happens when you get the 2048 tile Sad

I also just scored by best ever score using this version (27648) so an added bonus.

Might be worth adding gestures as it would make a perfect touch screen game?
cool to see this on xbmc more reason to make us more addcited to xbmc lol.
Hello there.

I made a little patch to make winning possible, although I haven't win yet so I don't know does it work. Losing works fine... Big Grin
I changed version number to, so update should be possible. Didn't test that either, bit lazy.. Wink

Edit: It had a bug and was winnable only rare cases. Now should work correctly in every case when tile 2048 is reached.


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[RELEASE] 2048 Game for XBMC2
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