Release Foscam HD - Video feed with camera controls, and motion/sound detection preview
(2014-03-30, 12:07)kitus_san Wrote: Is it possible to configure the add-on so that it stays active petmanently? We are used to having our ipad running a camera app and we like to be able to glance at it from time to time regardless of whether our kid Moves or not...

It's not currently possible but I could add an option to show it permanently. In that case I could show a notification when motion is detected, or something like that. I'm currently trying to find out whether the camera supports sound detection as well as motion detection.

Personally I don't find the image overlay very useful as there is no sound and the pictures refresh at less than one frame per second. If the preview pops up while I'm watching something, and I want sound and a proper frame rate, I press select to bring up the main video feed. The previously playing file resumes when I exit.

For permanent monitoring I also use an old LCD monitor and a spare Raspberry Pi running Arch Linux. I have the main video feed running in omxplayer, as a service that starts up automatically.

(2014-03-30, 12:07)kitus_san Wrote: Could you share your camera configuration? I assume one needs to configure "motion detection" on the camera, right? is that correct? What action must I configure out of the 4 available?

The only thing I had to configure on the camera itself was the motion detection schedule, which seems to be blanked out by default. Click on "All" to turn all the squares red.
Other than that you don't have to do anything on the camera (when you enable motion detection in the add-on settings it will enable it on the camera as well).

I'll probably add a setting to set the schedule, but just a simple one that sets it all red.

(2014-03-30, 12:07)kitus_san Wrote: Thanks in advance. What a great job!!! Smile

Positive feedback is always nice to hear Smile
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