Full Motion center headrest mount for tablet
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Here is my tablet headrest mount design, I made it out of wood, PVC and a metal book end so my kids can watch XBMC on long road trips I'm also using the build linked below for the two headrest mounts. next I'll be setting up a power inverter to run 3 outlets in a Kia Sorento so i can do a similar setup as this one here thanks to SKiNNiEH for the idea. 1, outlet for a router 1, for 3TB HDD,1. for laptop charger in the front the other two will be in the rear

This build is simple

Items needed to build it:

2ft - ¾ inch PVC ------------$1.40

3 - ¾ inch 90deg elbows--$.90

1 – ¾ inch Tee----------------$.47

2 – ¾ cap's---------------------$.74

10 – #8 ¾ inch screws-----$1.18

around 13inch – 2x2---------$1.47 (might have to buy an 8ft board)

1 –metal bookend-------------$9.00 a set (shown above in pictures

1 – spray paint ----------------$5.77

5ft - industrial sticky Velcro $15.00 (for 15ft only need the soft side)

total price : $35.93

you'll need to measure the height of your tablet to see what size you need, I'm using a Lenovo IdeaTab A2109 mine was 6 3/8 inches tall so I got the 9inch (7inch would be to short after all the bends)

I found the tablet mount here thanks to RearViewMirror When I made the one for this mount I folded the back piece up instead of doubling it over

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Full Motion center headrest mount for tablet0