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What are you guys watching?
I've started watching The Red Road. Fairly new series feauturing Jason Momoa (known from Game of Thrones / Stargate Atlantis)

The theme reminds me a bit of Banshee.
Started to watch Resurrection with Omar Epps, Michelle Fairley, and Kurtwood Smith and other fairly know actors or actress's in.
I find it well written and acting is good. It somewhat reminds me of Lost as the viewer really does not know where the plot is going, but each episode gives clues on what is to come. I am enjoying it.
I've been enjoying Constantine, the new TV show. It's a lot closer to the comics, so it's nothing like the movie with Keanu Reeves.
So, The Wire is coming back in HD...
Interesting views from David Simon on his blog about the process and some examples of how the transfer worked for some scenes, and not for others.

I will no doubt watch it all through again, but i can't help but feel this one maybe should have been left in its original format.

Also, laughed my arse off through the first episode of Scorpion, completely ridiculous, but some how keep watching the new episodes, trash tv i suppose. im an addict....
The Strain, awesome...
Gotham, loving it!
Stalker, creepy and loving it!
Silicon Valley, season 2 coming next year, the season 1 finale had me in tears i laughed so hard.
The Flash
The Big Bang Theory
Marvel's Agents or Shield

Also I have just started trying to get into Silicon Valley and Constantine.
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the flash
big bang
angents of shield
the strain
person of interest (latest episode was awsum)
and many more
Saw the season premiere of Banshee today, loved it! Smile

Otherwise I've been watching a lot of One Piece recently. Waiting for Constantine and Supernatural to start up again. Oh yea, forgot to mention that Netflix just released a new season of Orphan Black.. will have to watch that too.
Finished watching Broadchurch and have to say it was a pretty good mystery series. Coming on tonite is the 12 Monkeys and am hoping this will be a good sci-fi series.
Been watching Under The Dome which is alright, though a bit too PG/cringeworthy at times. Will soon start watching The Following as I have heard good things about it.
The Killing- pretty good, 6 episodes in
Wayward Pines....weak
The Sarah Connor Chronicles....meh
12 monkeys...good so far 8 episodes in...
Dominion......is interesting....need more time...
True detective.....season 1 was better
Rick and Morty season 2 has started. Man, I love this show.
Now that Justified is done I am searching for something with such enjoyable characters.

-The Last Ship is good mindless entertainment. I didn't think I'd like it, but things keep moving.
-Looking forward do Continuum & Gotham starting back up.
-Bosch is OK. I didn't like the first episode, but watched a couple more with the wife and it got better. Now 7 or so episodes in.
-Hell on Wheels
i have been watching many of the shows mentioned, but I didn't see mention of

Turn - Washington's Spies
Just finished Da Vinci's Demons season 3 which was awesome!
Other than that I've been onto Blindspot, which unfortunately falls victim to a lot of clichès. It's a pity that there's such a conservative standard for public broadcasting in the US, had this been HBO/Showtime then I believe it would hold a greater standard. Either way, it's still a good show Smile

Humans is interesting take on the common AI vs man theme.

Looking forward to: Attack on Titan, Silicon Valley (amazing show), and Orphan Black
I watched "Ash vs. The Evil Dead" this weekend. I liked it and looking forward to the next episode.

"I am getting a little winded, you think you can concentrate on me now" LOL quote from Bruce Campbell in the first 5 minutes of the show. Those who have seen the show, know what I am talking about.
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